How the internet can help your kids learn to code

How the internet can help your kids learn to code

Google has launched a new video series about its new child development classes, in which kids are given a coding class in the comfort of their homes.

The series, which has been launched in the US and UK, features an eclectic mix of kids ranging in age from 2 to 12 and is expected to be launched in a number of other countries soon.

The video series was designed to make it easy for kids to learn to program, with the aim of encouraging them to start their own projects.

“The idea behind this series is to encourage kids to start coding.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from kids about wanting to learn how to code and what they’d like to do, so we wanted to provide that,” said the company in a blog post.

“We want to see kids using their coding skills and learning to build applications with others, but we also want them to feel like they can do this too, even if it’s for fun.

We wanted to give kids that opportunity.”

In the series, children can take part in the coding class with a group of parents or teachers, who teach them a basic programming language, using code snippets to teach them the basic concepts.

The video shows kids coding on a computer screen, where they can also use their hands to write code, but they are not allowed to use the computer’s keyboard.

The videos are meant to be watched by families who may not be familiar with coding or the computer itself, and have been designed to give a more engaging experience.

The company says the coding lessons are designed for kids aged between 2 and 12.

“This video series will allow parents and educators to have their own kids learn and get to know coding with the help of the Google Play Developer Kit,” it added.

The series is aimed at schools and community centres, and includes games, activities and videos for the kids to share with their friends and family.

The Google Play developer kit, which can be downloaded for free from Google’s website, has a variety of games available for kids, including games that encourage them to explore.