Why Amazon is making some of its developers unemployed

Why Amazon is making some of its developers unemployed

The retailer is laying off a record number of developers, according to data released Wednesday by the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.

Amazon is laying people off for development projects and the number of job cuts has surpassed the number that were previously disclosed, the research group said.

A total of 9,837 developers are being laid off at Amazon, which has been struggling to keep pace with a slowing global economy.

The number of laid-off developers has exceeded the number who were previously announced, the institute said in its annual job loss report released Wednesday.

More than 2,500 people are being promoted to full-time positions at Amazon and other Amazon services, and another 1,400 will join the company’s team, the report found.

While Amazon is not directly responsible for layoffs, it is responsible for making sure it is meeting its commitments to the federal government and its workers.

Many of the job cuts were caused by Amazon’s acquisition of the home-improvement giant Home Depot, the group said in a report released Thursday.

During the same time frame, Amazon is also laying off more than 300 full-timers at its logistics and warehouse operations.

The cuts will come in line with the company and will be phased in over a period of time, Amazon said.

Amazon is hiring developers to help with projects that include robotics and artificial intelligence, but the company is also cutting staff at the software giant Google, according a spokeswoman for Amazon’s U.S. operations.

On Wednesday, Amazon also announced it was buying Google, which it had been shopping for several years.


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