iOS 7 beta for developers: 9 features, 3 bugs to know

iOS 7 beta for developers: 9 features, 3 bugs to know

9.6 million iPhone and iPad owners around the world are now ready to upgrade to iOS 7.

The iOS 7 software is a major update, adding new features, bug fixes and improvements.iOS 7 has a huge number of new features and tweaks that were released during the beta phase of the beta program.

Here’s what you need to know about the iOS 7 Beta.1.

iOS 7 now allows you to make and receive calls while on the flyThis is a new feature that allows you take calls while you’re on the go, and when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

You can use this to call from any iOS device or on any compatible Wi-fi network.2.

Improved Safari for MacOS 10.12.4, which brings the ability to search the web, email and calendar from your Mac.3.

Improved Bluetooth for Mac OS Improved Bluetooth Audio for Macs.5.

Fixed a crash when using Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro or a new iPad.6.

Improved iCloud backup and restore.7.

Fixed an issue that could cause the iPhone to restart after connecting to a WiFi network.8.

Fixed issues with certain Wi-FI connections.9.

Improved reliability of some apps and video playback.10.

Fixed problems with the camera, and improved audio playback.11, 12.

Improved security and reliability of Apple Pay for Mac and Windows.13.

Fixed crashes with the Apple TV remote, iPad Remote and iPad Mini.14.

Fixed crash when connecting to an iPhone, iPad or Mac.15.

Fixed performance issues when trying to sync an iCloud account to multiple devices.16.

Fixed some performance issues.17.

Improved the iOS camera and image stabilization.18.

Fixed issue where audio playback could become erratic.19.

Fixed the iPhone’s “resume app” feature that was causing crashes.20.

Fixed iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c compatibility issues.21.

Fixed iOS 7 compatibility issues and improved iOS 7 performance.22.

Improved iOS 7 reliability.23.

Fixed certain audio and video issues.24.

Fixed video playback on older devices.25.

Improved iPhone 5s support and compatibility.26.

Fixed stability issues in the Safari browser.27.

Improved performance on some Macs and Apple TV remotes.28.

Fixed Apple PenCaps for Mac.29.

Fixed bugs in Safari for iPad.30.

Improved audio playback when browsing video.31.

Fixed several bugs related to connection stability.32.

Fixed Safari and other Mac browsers performance issues and issues with Wi-fis performance.33.

Fixed various performance issues related to the iPad Pro.34.

Improved some camera settings in the camera app.35.

Fixed camera crash in Safari.36.

Fixed Mac and Apple Watch stability issues.37.

Fixed iCloud account and iCloud backup issues.38.

Improved compatibility with some third-party iOS devices.39.

Fixed compatibility issues with some devices running the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C.40.

Fixed more issues with Safari, including crashes.41.

Fixed rare audio issues.42.

Fixed iPad and iPhone 3G issues.43.

Improved camera for iPad Pro and the iPhone 4.44.

Improved image stabilization in the iPhone Photos app.45.

Fixed possible crash on some older devices that have the Apple AirPods.46.

Fixed multiple audio issues and video crashes.47.

Improved battery life on some devices.48.

Improved Apple Pencaps and Apple Pen, and the ability for users to edit, save and share photo and video content.49.

Fixed audio issues related in some situations.50.

Fixed bug that could crash the iPhone in certain situations.51.

Improved crash-prone iPhone 5 issue.52.

Improved stability of Safari on older iPhones.53.

Fixed connectivity issues related with Wi.fis connectivity.54.

Improved Wi-Fis performance when connected to a network that is not supported by Apple.55.

Fixed reliability of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4s.56.

Fixed Wi- Fi performance issues on older Macs when connected with Apple Pen Caps.57.

Fixed minor iOS 7 bug issues.58.

Fixed “Resume App” feature in the Camera app that was not working.59.

Fixed additional bug that prevented the iPhone from saving photos and videos.60.

Improved speed and performance of Apple Watch apps and services.61.

Improved data and audio performance on older Apple Watch models.62.

Fixed occasional performance issues with the iCloud app and Safari.63.

Improved video playback in the Apple Watch app.64.

Improved Siri on Mac OS X.65.

Improved privacy settings for Apple Watch.66.

Fixed Bluetooth audio issues on the Apple iPad.67.

Fixed many other bugs related in iOS 7 and Apple’s iOS 8.68.

Fixed battery life issues on some Apple Watch and iPhone models.69.

Fixed major stability and reliability issues related the iOS 8 release.70.

Fixed numerous bugs related Apple Watch battery life and reliability.