CIOs in crisis as companies fail to innovate

CIOs in crisis as companies fail to innovate

The CIO role has come under fire for its lack of innovation and the lack of talent it is hiring.

As part of a recent report, CIO Association President and CEO Paul Mascarenhas said CIO candidates are being offered more than they are hiring.

He also said the lack the talent to recruit more CIO positions and the inability to retain them.

“CIOs are in crisis and they’re facing the greatest challenge they’ve ever faced,” he said.

Mascarenas also warned that if employers can’t make it easier for CIO’s to hire more people, then it will become harder for them to retain those people.

For some companies, hiring CIO is a matter of life and death.

A recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that more than half of Fortune 500 companies do not have a CIO.

In order to retain talent, the CIO should also be a leader in developing and deploying innovative technologies.

Mascarelli said that’s why he’s calling for an overhaul of the hiring process.

He said CMOs should be considered the go-to people to deliver the new technologies that are essential to a business’s future success.

Companies need to hire and retain people that understand what they are trying to achieve and the way they will be able to deliver that success, he said, adding that the new HR policies that are being rolled out will be a great way to do that.

CIO’s have been a mainstay of the IT industry for decades, and Mascares recent comments come amid a nationwide trend of outsourcing the job of managing the IT side of a company.

But Mascarianas remarks come after the tech sector has been in a state of panic over the hiring crisis.

The IT sector is also facing an unprecedented wave of job cuts that are leaving its workers without enough hours to work and unable to afford their own health insurance.


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