Benderson Development releases $1.9B to Build 3,000 Jobs in Bend

Benderson Development releases $1.9B to Build 3,000 Jobs in Bend

Posted October 04, 2018 06:13:50The company is expected to file a new $1 billion federal bond offering soon and announced it plans to hire 1,000 workers.

The new jobs will help the Benderson family expand its manufacturing capacity in a region of the country that has struggled with job losses due to the Great Recession.

Benderson has a $10 billion manufacturing and logistics operation in Bend.

The company said it will build and expand its new manufacturing facility and 1,100 jobs in Bend and surrounding communities.BENDERSON, Ore.

(AP) Benderson is moving ahead with plans to build and open a manufacturing and distribution center in the Bend area, expanding a small operation that has made products for the world’s most popular food, cereal and candy brands.

The Benderson development company said Tuesday it will hire 1.9 million workers to expand its Bend manufacturing and packaging operations.

The company said the hiring would help to build Bend’s new manufacturing capacity.

“This is a significant expansion of the Bend’s manufacturing capacity and a strategic expansion of Bend’s economy, which has seen job losses in recent years due to economic downturns,” said Benderson spokesman Mike Benderson in a statement.

The hiring of 1,500 workers from Bend will help support the company’s plan to expand production of its food and beverage brands in the U.S. and other countries.

Benderton-based Benderson said it’s building a new factory to build products for major fast-food and other retail chains in its hometown of Bend, Ore., a major metropolitan area of more than 6.3 million people.

The project will be based in Bend, which will include the production and distribution of a range of products, including fruit, vegetables, cereal, candy and sports and fitness equipment.

Bendingerson, which also owns the Bend County-based Green Mountain Foods, has been struggling with job loss in recent months, particularly at its manufacturing facility in Bend near the U-M campus.

The food, beverage and manufacturing operations are located at Bend and Oregon City, about a half-hour drive from Portland, according to the company.

The jobs will provide Bend with the capacity to expand to meet new demands for its products, said Joe Benderson, Benderson’s president and chief executive officer.

“Our goal is to be able to build a new, robust manufacturing facility, and it will provide an excellent employment opportunity for the entire company,” Benderson wrote in the statement.

Benders Bend factory is the first in the state to be built under the $1 trillion National Labor Relations Act.


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