How to build a smartphone app for the job with Google Development Studio

How to build a smartphone app for the job with Google Development Studio

Android Developer Studio (ADV) for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone can be used to build your first app.

If you have no previous experience building apps, you can skip to the bottom of this article to learn how to build an Android app with the ADV for iOS app builder.

If your app already has a developer version, it can be downloaded from the ADVs web site.

If the app is a Windows Phone app, you will need to download the Windows Phone version of the app and install it using the Windows Mobile SDK Tools.

To create an Android project using the ADVS for iOS tool, follow the steps below: Launch the Android developer tools app, click Build.

If all the steps are successful, a list of available files should show up.

Under the Build tab, click Install.

Under Select Android SDK Version, select the version of Android that you are building for and click Next.

Follow the onscreen prompts to download and install the Android SDK Tools for Windows Phone, and the ADVISOR SDK Tools to develop the app for Windows.

If there is an issue with your Windows Phone SDK Tools, follow these steps to restore them to their previous state: If the ADVM_APPS_FILE environment variable is set to a directory, you should add the directory to the path of your Android project.

This step is only needed if you are developing for Windows or Windows Phone.

If not, then you will have to create the directory in the app’s path.

This is because ADVM uses its own .android folder for Android apps.

Click Build.

Select the Build directory that is created in step 4.

In the Windows phone project’s path, select “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Android\sdk\tools\bin\Android Studio.

This directory contains all the SDK tools for Android.

Click OK.

Select Build Tools from the Windows desktop menu, then select Android Studio from the Android Developer Tools menu.

In Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8, ADV Studio has a new icon.

If a folder or folder structure changes, make sure that the correct path is included in the project.

If it is not, open the app again and click Build again.

Select Android Studio as your target platform.

You will see the Android project and Android SDK tools.

In this example, we are building a basic Android app that uses the Google Analytics SDK.

Click the Build button and your project should open.

To continue building, click the Build project tab.

Under Create a new Android project, select your project’s project folder.

In a new window, select Build > New Project > Android.

Choose a language for your app.

Click Create.

In order to run the app, the ADVD will first create a sample project that includes your application and a few other assets.

This sample project will also include the Google APIs that will be used in the actual app.

Open the sample project in ADVS.

If everything goes well, you may see a green screen and a dialog box that says the project has been created.

Click Open.

The sample project is now available in the sample directory that you created earlier.

The app is now ready to be deployed to the target platform, and you can start developing.

For more information about building apps in ADV, see ADVS: Creating a mobile app for Android Developers.

If this is your first time building apps for iOS or Android, you might find this article helpful.


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