Bleach developer to leave Microsoft app development

Bleach developer to leave Microsoft app development

Bleach developer Nicko Bajarin is leaving the Windows app development platform to join the Microsoft Office team.

Bajarins first time in the industry and his first-time as an independent app developer has been a good fit for the Microsoft team, a source told ESPN.

The app is a collaboration between Bajaratas team and Microsoft’s Office team, and Bajaris team will be in charge of making the Windows 10 version of the app work in the Microsoft suite of apps.

He was in charge from mid-2015 to late 2016 for the Windows team.

The source said the team is looking for a fresh start, as he is leaving his previous role as an executive at Bajarrin Apps.

Bajaars app is not a Windows 10 product, and the company does not have an Office version.

Microsoft declined to comment.

Bajiarins departure comes a day after the Microsoft announced it was pulling all Office apps from the Windows Store in favor of a new app called Office 365, which has a more streamlined look and a smaller set of apps than Office 365.

Bijarin’s first experience working for Microsoft was as an app developer at Microsoft’s Bing search engine, but he moved to the Office suite of tools in early 2015.

Microsoft said Bijarins move to the new Office suite will help Microsoft focus on delivering the best productivity and collaboration tools to developers, with Office 365 becoming the only full-featured version of Office on Windows 10.


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