Recode’s Alex Pareene: ‘We’re Not Doing This Again’

Recode’s Alex Pareene: ‘We’re Not Doing This Again’

Recode has been reporting for the past few weeks that the tech giant may be cutting the head of its development team, citing the need for more money to continue the company’s development of new products and services.

Now, Recode is reporting that it will be shedding the head job entirely, as part of a “big shake-up” at the company.

According to Recode, the changeover will be a complete and total shake-down.

It will result in a new CEO and a general shift of responsibilities to the rest of the team.

Recode says it will no longer be responsible for developing products for other developers or selling them.

Instead, the company will now focus on building out its own products.

Recodes report comes just weeks after a number of other tech companies, including Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook, announced similar changes to the way they work with developers.

The move comes just days after a major report from McKinsey and Company found that Apple, Google and Microsoft had a combined $2.2 trillion in revenue and $834 billion in cash and equivalents.


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