Google launches new ad service, Android ad sales app

Google launches new ad service, Android ad sales app

Google announced Android ad revenue and Android app sales apps, including one from AdMob, today.

The new products, which will go on sale in the coming months, are the first of a series of ad sales products Google will launch over the next few years, including the new Google Play Store, which Google has said will eventually rival Apple’s iTunes Store.

The new products include a new Google AdSense for AdMob product called AdMob Video, which lets developers build and sell ads directly to mobile devices, as well as Google Play Ads for Android.

AdMob will also be able to sell Android apps directly to users, Google said.

Google said that its Android ad business will be growing at a fast rate, but the company will also invest heavily in its own ad products.

The AdSense video and AdMob app sales will be available for sale in three months, Google added.

Google is also announcing that it is working on its own “premium” ad product, which is a paid app with a premium Android experience, with no ads and no ads-only interface.

Google Play Ads is still a niche product for Android apps, but it’s the only one that will be allowed on Android smartphones, and will be the platform of choice for Google’s own paid apps.

Google has also introduced an ad-blocking feature for apps that use its Google Play Games app.

Google says that Android developers can use its ad sales platform to reach consumers, and it will make sure they can monetize apps in a way that is appropriate to the platform.

Advertisers will be able set their own terms and conditions, and Google will also provide a tool for them to manage the revenue.


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