What we know about the coronavirus vaccine

What we know about the coronavirus vaccine

The new coronaviruses vaccine, which is being tested in people in New Zealand, has a safety profile that is similar to the flu shot.

A coronaviral vaccine will be given to people in the next 12 weeks, and the effectiveness of the vaccine will increase after that, according to the Government’s Chief Medical Officer.

New Zealand’s coronavirochids are being tested for safety, effectiveness, and safety-related factors.

The Government has not yet said whether the coronacovirus vaccine will also be given for adults, but the vaccine is expected to be given in New Year’s Eve celebrations.

New Zealanders will also get to decide whether they want the vaccine to be available to adults at the start of next year, or not.

The Government is working with the industry to develop the vaccines, which will be delivered by licensed pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, to ensure there are safe, effective and reliable vaccines available.

An interim report on the vaccines released by the Department of Health in February said the safety profile of the vaccines was similar to that of the flu vaccine.

The Government’s chief medical officer said that while the effectiveness and safety profile were the same, the new vaccines are different.

“The current coronavids vaccine has been proven safe and effective, so why are the Government looking at making a new one?”

We are in a period of unprecedented pandemic, and in this context, the safety of the existing vaccines are very important,” the Chief Medical officer said.

He said the Government had decided to continue with the existing coronavac vaccine, and to develop a new vaccine for adults.”

The government will also review the efficacy and safety of this vaccine as it becomes available, with the aim of ensuring that it is as safe and as effective as the current vaccines,” he said.

Newspaper and radio ads in New South Wales are already running about the new coronacavirus vaccines.

The Minister for Health, Jacinta Allan, said the decision to continue the vaccine was a good one, and would save New Zealanders time and money.

It’s important that we’re going forward in the right direction and that we have the right vaccine available for people to use, she said.”

That’s what we’re doing.

“This is a very long term project.

We want to get to the point where the vaccine that is being developed for adults is available.”

Ms Allan said that if there were concerns that there were differences between the vaccines that would be addressed through the clinical trials.

Ms Allan would not be drawn on whether the Government planned to continue using the existing vaccine for people aged under 65.

“We have had discussions with our industry, the Department for Health and our health experts, and we’ve decided that we will continue to use the current coronacave vaccine,” she said


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