Mashable: Google wants you to pay for Android 8.0 with your mobile data bill

Mashable: Google wants you to pay for Android 8.0 with your mobile data bill

The search giant is going all-in on Android 8 in its latest mobile advertising campaign.

The goal is to get users to pay their mobile data bills, but the company’s also going after consumers who don’t like paying for data.

In the ad, Google asks users to select from a variety of apps to download to their phones.

Some apps, like the Google Assistant, are free and some require you to be a Google employee to use them.

Google is also showing off a new “Google Drive” folder that lets users quickly and easily share files and folders across devices.

It’s unclear what’s in the new folder, but it may be the way Google plans to integrate its mobile app with Android.

The app will automatically sync files across devices, meaning that your Google Drive will sync with other Google services on your phone.

The new folder will also let users download other apps that are available on Google’s Google Play Store.

Users will have to sign in to their Google accounts to install apps from the Google Drive folder.

The folder will only be available to Google employees.


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