Why AWS development certification is a big deal for Brazil

Why AWS development certification is a big deal for Brazil

A few weeks ago, AWS announced that it would launch a new certification program in Brazil, a country where Amazon has long struggled to attract talent.

Now, the company says it has reached an agreement with the Brazilian Ministry of Labor to make the certification mandatory.

The announcement was accompanied by an update to the AWS Developer Certification program, which is now open for applications.

The new certification process will allow AWS to offer training to Brazilian developers, the first time that the company has done so in Brazil.

“We’re really excited about this,” said AWS vice president of Brazil, Antonio Silva.

“Brazil is one of the most promising markets for AWS development.

We want to help our developers reach the highest levels of productivity and productivity, and this certification is part of our strategy.”

Brazil’s unemployment rate is over 16% and the country is ranked as the seventh-largest in the world by the U.S. Census Bureau.

AWS is also a strong contender for Brazil’s next big market, and it is hoping to help boost Brazil’s development talent pool by launching a new AWS Developer Training Program.

AWS has long been one of Amazon’s fastest growing markets.

Its cloud service now covers more than half of the world’s population, and the company recently surpassed Amazon’s AWS Appstore and now boasts more than 2,000 apps.

But the Brazilian economy is struggling.

Amazon has struggled to gain a foothold in the country in recent years.

Brazil has struggled with a severe economic crisis since 2014, when Amazon’s Brazilian tax base dropped by more than 10%.

Brazil’s economy has also been hit by the global economic slowdown.

As Amazon’s global footprint expands, Brazil’s government has also struggled to grow.

Brazil’s current unemployment rate stands at 6.6%.

Amazon recently announced that its Brazilian branch would close in 2019, and Amazon has said that it will reduce its workforce by 20% by 2020.

The company has also pledged to scale back its services and cut costs to make sure that Amazon can still be profitable in Brazil and beyond.

Amazon is already planning to open up its Brazil HQ2 in 2018.

The expansion of AWS’s Brazilian operations has been the focus of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ recent efforts to boost Brazilian development talent.

Earlier this year, Bezos said that AWS would open up the AWS development and consulting business to other countries.

Amazon already offers the AWS Development Certification Program to companies that hire Brazilians, and AWS will offer similar training for developers in the future.


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