Snapchat’s ‘selfie’ app, ‘snapchat’ to have ‘selfies’ feature in its future

Snapchat’s ‘selfie’ app, ‘snapchat’ to have ‘selfies’ feature in its future

Snapchat is developing an app that will allow users to take snaps with their phone’s camera, which will be integrated into the Snapchat app and available for download later this year.

The app will be called Snap, according to the company’s Twitter account, which is not yet available.

Snapchat has had a tough time in recent years, and it has been accused of slowing down the growth of its apps and the quality of its videos.

However, the company recently made waves by introducing a new “Snapchat Story” video format and has been on the receiving end of complaints that the videos aren’t up to par.

Snapchat has long said that its video experience is among the best on the web, but it has also struggled to attract advertisers.


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