Why Google is taking on the video game industry

Why Google is taking on the video game industry

Google has entered the video games industry.

Google’s developer division, Google Game Labs, announced that Google Game Development Center will now offer full-time, on-site training and technical support for game developers.

The Google Game Developer Certification Program, or GDC, will also now include on-the-job training for developers and technical training for other partners.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Google to create an open, safe and welcoming environment for our developers to grow and thrive,” said Google Game Lab CEO and president Eric Liddell.

“Developers can expect to get the best technical support and mentorship possible in addition to a great job.

We know this will make them more confident in working in this industry and contributing to its success.

This program also opens the door to Google’s growing partnership with game publishers and developers, helping to drive innovation and bring new products to market.”

The program will provide full- and part-time access to Google Game Studio, a tool for building games for Android, iOS and web platforms, as well as support for Google Play services.

GDC is a part of Google’s broader initiative to create a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for developers.

Google’s partnership with video game publishers also expands its reach into the gaming industry.

The company recently opened a new game studio in Austin, Texas, which it will use to help develop game software for mobile devices.

The Austin office will help developers create mobile games for Google Android and Chrome devices.

Google has also invested in a new division to develop its next generation games engine, Google Play Games Engine.

This new engine will bring the ability to create games on mobile devices that can run on the most powerful and sophisticated hardware, such as the next generation iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones.

This is the second time that Google is partnering with developers in the video gaming industry in the past year.

Earlier this year, the company opened a video game studio called Google Play Game Labs in New York, which will offer developers access to its GDC program, technical support, training and a mentorship program.

In addition, Google announced a partnership with Ubisoft, publisher of the hit video game Assassin’s Creed, to provide a series of game-related programming training and development workshops.

Google will offer both video game and game development training for students at the company’s New York studio.

Ubisoft has a long history of developing innovative games for mobile platforms, and has partnered with Google on a number of projects.

For example, Ubisoft recently announced a collaboration with Google Play, the online store where consumers can purchase games.

Ubisoft will also offer students the opportunity to participate in video game training with Ubisoft.

For more information, visit Google Game Studios website.


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