How to get started with the development plan for the Westpac Stadium site

How to get started with the development plan for the Westpac Stadium site

A development plan has been released for the $3.8 billion Westpac stadium site at the airport.

Westpac Stadium has been awarded $3 billion of construction funding from the NSW Government, with the Westport and New South Wales governments set to receive an additional $1 billion over the next two years.

Key points:The development plan is the first stage in the $6 billion project to be completed, with construction to begin next year and completion in 2020.

Construction will start in 2018Westpac stadium is expected to cost about $5 billionThe project will involve about 12,000 peopleWork will start next year on the $2.5 billion stadium project, with a $500 million expansion planned for 2019 and a $750 million upgrade in 2020The project includes an additional 16,000 seats, a new football stadium and a stadium extension for the Sydney Swans.

Construction is expected start next spring and end by the end of 2021.

The Westpac project is one of the biggest in the world, with another $1.5bn in funding being announced for a Sydney Olympic stadium.

It is a significant upgrade of the existing Westpac building, which is also home to the NRL and Sydney FC.

The stadium expansion is expected lead to increased revenue for the state.

Westport and NSW are set to be responsible for about 12% of the stadium project’s cost.

Work will be done on the site in partnership with Westpac, and construction will be completed next year.

Work on the WestPAC stadium project has already begun and is expected at the end to be complete by the time the 2022 World Cup is scheduled to start in September 2020.

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