What to know about prenatal vitamins and minerals

What to know about prenatal vitamins and minerals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that women of childbearing age take a prenatal vitamins supplement to help prevent a variety of health problems.

According to the CDC, “the use of prenatal vitamins to prevent birth defects is generally recommended for women who are at increased risk for birth defects.”

However, the CDC doesn’t offer specific advice on what to take in your pregnancy, nor does it provide a list of the most effective prenatal vitamins.

In fact, the agency says that it doesn’t know what to recommend because there is no comprehensive, published information on the matter.

The CDC does recommend that women take an oral multivitamin for the first week of pregnancy.

The recommendations don’t mention supplements specifically for women at increased health risk.

But in general, it’s good advice to take a multivitamins supplement during the first trimester.

If you’re pregnant, and have questions about prenatal vitamin supplements, it can be helpful to talk with a trained health professional.

You might want to ask about pregnancy testing and to discuss your options with your doctor.

Here are the key points about prenatal supplements.


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