Google: New iOS 8 beta builds available for download via the App Store

Google: New iOS 8 beta builds available for download via the App Store

Google is bringing iOS 8 developer beta builds to its App Store, the company announced today.

The developer beta build is available via the iOS Developer Program and includes a number of improvements and bug fixes over iOS 8.1, the iOS 8 release to which Google is making the most of the iOS8.2 beta.

The iOS 8 version also includes a new feature that will allow users to select a file extension to add to a new document.

This new option will enable users to copy and paste text from an image file into the document without having to click on it, or edit it manually.

This new feature also means that the developer beta will include many improvements and fixes over the iOS version, such as the ability to remove and reorder sections of text.

This should help users who have previously experienced difficulties copying and pasting text between documents.

Google also announced the iOS 9 developer beta.

This version will be made available through the Apple Developer Program.

The company said this version will include improvements and bugs fixes over its iOS 9.1 beta, including an improved support for new devices and support for more third-party keyboards.

Apple is also rolling out a number more new iOS 9 features to developers today, including the ability for users to share text with others on Facebook and Twitter, the ability in iOS 9 to remove a device from iCloud when it’s turned off, the iPad Pro Pro’s new keyboard, and a new “tap and go” feature that lets users tap an icon on the lock screen and then tap the home button to go back to the home screen.


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