What to do if you’re a developer and a Discord user

What to do if you’re a developer and a Discord user

A Discord developer says he’s frustrated with the lack of response he’s received after his account was hacked.

The hacker has since deleted his account and has not been arrested.

“I’ve been hacked, I’ve been in the news, I’m a developer.

It’s just a bunch of BS,” he said in a phone interview from his Vancouver home.

The incident took place on July 23, but is only now being reported to the RCMP.

The account is still accessible via an email address, but has been disabled.

Kathleen O’Neill says her account was recently hacked and her account has since been disabled by the RCMP, but she says she hopes the matter is brought to the attention of the public.

She’s been an active member of the community since she was a child, but said she never thought she would have to deal with the hacker’s actions.

In a statement, Discord says it has “immediately disabled” the account, and has “a full investigation underway into this matter.”

“We are deeply sorry for the distress and pain caused by this incident,” the statement reads.

O’Neill’s account was taken offline, and she said she has been receiving support from community members.

“They’ve been really helpful and really caring, and I’m thankful for that.

And I think they should be held accountable,” she said.

The RCMP say they have received more than 100 reports of identity theft, and it’s believed the hacker had access to her Facebook account and other social media accounts.

O’Donnell’s Facebook page was also hacked, but it’s unclear if that account was also accessed.

“It’s been a really, really hard time.

I mean, the whole world’s been waiting for me to get out of there,” she told CBC News.”

I mean, I feel like it’s like, you know, I got my life back, and now what’s next?”

O’Brienn said she was inspired to come forward after being stalked and harassed on social media.

On her personal account, O’Brienne said she is still receiving harassment and that she has received death threats.

“There’s definitely some bad things that have been said, but I guess it’s hard to tell how many people are actually responsible for this,” she explained.

She’s now working on a video game called My First Robot and has been working on other projects.

But she said her real concern is the lack.

“My real concern right now is that my whole life, the way I live my life, my relationships, the friendships, the community, the things that I do, it’s all kind of in jeopardy,” she added.

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