Pay gap is increasing among software developers

Pay gap is increasing among software developers

A growing pay gap between software developers and those who manage their own projects is hurting their prospects, according to a new study.

Software developers are making fewer and fewer software projects and earning less than they used to, according the report released Thursday by the American Software & Tech Association. 

The survey found that the median pay for software developers was $60,000 last year. 

In a report on the survey, the association said that software developers with 15 years of experience made $42,000 in 2017. 

But for those with less than 15 years, the median compensation was $32,000. 

For those with 20 years of career experience, the pay for those was $53,000 and for those who had worked in the industry for 20 years, it was $58,000, the survey said.

The association said the pay gap is a real issue for software development companies.

“We believe that the growing gap between those who do and those whose projects are managed by the software developers is harming the careers of many software developers,” said Steve DeBruin, executive director of the association.

“These pay differences are damaging to the ability of many developers to succeed in the current job market, and to the careers and livelihoods of others in the software industry.”

The association’s report comes as the federal government is exploring ways to streamline its software development program, which was created in the 1990s to help companies hire and retain talent.

The administration is considering expanding the program by hiring more software developers to handle software engineering tasks.

The new hires would be paid less, but the administration has not yet decided how many of the new hires will be paid more.

“The reality is that it’s not the software engineer that gets paid the more money, but who is in the loop,” said Jason Zawinul, senior software engineer at the software development firm Coders &, which is in partnership with the Association of Software &adc Developers to create a program to streamlines the hiring process. 

“This is a business decision, and it’s important for us to make sure that we’re getting the right people in the right places, but also keeping the system as fair as possible for everyone.”