Why Google is working on mobile development for the next decade

Why Google is working on mobile development for the next decade

The Google-owned development company is working with the Google Play Store to bring Android development to mobile devices.

Google’s head of Android, Greg Rubin, revealed the project in an interview with Android Central.

Rubin says Android will be on the go and will be able to run on tablets, smartphones, and wearables, which could include the Moto 360, the HTC One, and the upcoming Google Watch.

Rubin also says that Android will run on the Google Chromecast device.

The Google Play store is Google’s online store for developers, which is already available for other platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Rubin said the Google Store will be used for Android apps on the Android Wear platform, a smartwatch that Google unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show last month.

Rubin added that Android Wear will be an extension of Google’s Chrome OS, which Rubin said will have the same functionality as the Chrome OS browser.

Rubin and Google Play are working together to bring Google Play to devices and bring a “Google Play Store for Android” to market, according to Rubin.

Rubin, who is also a member of Google Ventures, previously served as an executive vice president of Android at Google, and is a former executive vice President of Google.

Rubin has been a Google executive since 2009.

Rubin told Android Central that the project is still a work in progress, but the Android Play Store is a good place to start.

Google says it will launch an Android app store in the coming weeks that will allow developers to sell apps on Google Play, which will also let users purchase and install Google apps from the Play Store.

Rubin did not provide any details about when that will happen.

Rubin is currently leading the Google Ventures-backed Android team.

He previously worked as Google’s senior vice president for Android, and also as an Android engineer.

Rubin previously was Google’s chief technology officer, and before that was vice president and general manager of Google Play for Android.

Google Ventures invested $3 billion in Google last year.

Rubin joined Google in 2003.