India to start selling mobile phone SIM cards for SIM cards – Times Now

India to start selling mobile phone SIM cards for SIM cards – Times Now

India will begin selling mobile SIM cards in the next few days.

This is expected to bring down the cost of SIM cards and make them available for purchase by the people.

The first step is to launch the mobile SIM card sale in four cities and three states, starting with Mumbai and Mumbai Metropolitan Region in the national capital. 

“We have decided to start the mobile card sale from the beginning, because of our high cost of the mobile phone cards,” said Ramesh Kumar, Secretary, Cellular Telecommunications Association of India (CTAI).

“The cost of a SIM card will come down from Rs. 20 to Rs. 15, which will help the people in the country who are getting mobile phones but cannot afford to buy SIM cards,” he added.

The CTAI has already launched the sale in a handful of cities and districts.

It has also started a mobile SIM sale in five cities and four states in the Northeast. 

As per the plans, the people will be able to buy mobile SIMs for Rs. 10, Rs. 7, Rs 10, and Rs 20, respectively. 

A SIM card has two functions.

It is used for sending and receiving calls and data.

The other function is for storing the SIM card’s data on the device.

The CTAI is currently working on the mobile wallet which will be a mobile wallet for users to store their SIM cards. 

The first sale of mobile SIM will take place in the capital city of Mumbai and will be launched in two phases.

The first phase will be in three cities and two states. 

On Sunday, the government will announce the first batch of SIMs.


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