When will you see a new Star Wars film?

When will you see a new Star Wars film?

Posted November 17, 2019 07:17:52 Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has said that fans will “probably” get to see the final film before Christmas 2019, but that the first film could take up to two years to make.

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival, the director said he didn’t know when fans would see the first movie, but added: “If it’s a good movie, it’ll probably be a couple of years after the first one.”

You will see the movie and it will be done and dusted, so it will probably be like the last one.

“When asked about the possible delay, he said: “We’ll see.

“Johnson, who is currently in the process of finishing the second film in The Last Kingdom, said that the film would be a “new adventure” in the franchise, which was created by his father, who died in 2008.”

I’m trying to do a new adventure,” he said.”

It’s a little bit different from the original, but it’s very much the same thing.

“While fans have been waiting for Star Wars to be released in a digital format, the film was originally filmed on 35mm film, with Johnson playing a young Luke Skywalker, played by Oscar-winning actor Mark Hamill.

In order to be able to create a digital version of the film, Johnson needed a digital printer and was unable to find a suitable one.

He was therefore forced to make the film on the 35mm.”

If you’re not a big fan of 35mm, I think it’s pretty cool, but I think you’ll be disappointed if you go to see it on film,” he told the festival.”

The film was a digital production and you can’t really watch it on the big screen,” he added.


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